Chlorophyll with intent


Plants  are our silent partners. We eat them. We put them in pots on our windowsills. A few amongst us talk to them, commune with them.

Plants are multi-sensory beings whose lives are much more complex than we imagine. Many people love to think of them as decorative accessories rather than living conscious entities with social networks. Plants are not passive creatures, and even though they are mostly rooted into the Earth or onto a host of some kind, they move, communicate, strategize, and even assassinate four legged mammals on occasion.

Because they cannot move as quickly as we can, our leafy companions have devised a myriad of survival tactics to outwit those who are intent on consuming them or otherwise destroying them. We have so much to learn from plants, and they have much to teach us. Through our DNA, we can access a multidimensional history of experiences through countless lifetimes in which we have interacted with plants.

Perhaps you were a shaman, healer, or midwife in a past incarnation. All of those memories are recorded in your DNA and in the planet. Through intuition, you can dialogue with yourself, those memories, and access an infinite library of information about the history of humanity and our relationship with plants and other beings.

Even without considering multiple incarnations, as human beings become increasingly multidimensional, we will begin to more easily access our higher self and the vast web of relationship with other beings of all types. As this sensitivity and empathy towards life grows, we will find ourselves easily communicating intuitively with flora and fauna. Delving below the superficial appearances of what we have thought of as familiar yet silent beings, we are in for  many surprises.


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