The world we live in is a mirror image of our collective self. Today, it seems scattered, broken, hurt, and chaotic. When left alone to their own devices, our cells do what they were programmed to do, but without conscious intent, their actions become over time less focused. Instead of making copies from copies, which eventually blur, fade, and lose clarity, I believe we can and should step back and look at the reality we have created together. Can we ask ourselves: Is this the reality we want for ourselves and for our children? Or can we imagine something better, more loving, more cooperative, more peaceful?

I began my journey by studying fine arts and painting. Yet my heart was always in books film, and also plants and the natural world – and understanding my own human nature. My best friends are books and plants. While delving into my own inner worlds, I have always been fascinated by the human spirit. Why do people do what they do, even when their choices do not produce optimal results? Why do some people believe that personal success can or should be more important than the collective good? These philosophical questions underlie my belief that humanity does control reality – with our minds and our hearts. I feel deep love in my heart for humanity and for our planet Earth.

It is my goal to speak words of love and encouragement to humanity. I allow my heart to guide me, and when moved, I open up and speak to people. More often than not, people tell me that their heart was feeling heavy, but after sharing a conversation – and even a hug- they feel uplifted. Building these connections is easy. We all crave love, understanding, and we all intuitively know that we are constantly in touch and touching all of life. The bubble that surrounds us and which seems to enclose us and shield us from recognition, warmth, and harmonious life we crave is an illusion we create with our minds. The purpose of this blog is to prick that bubble. You are not naked. You are not alone. You are gloriously alive, and a marvelously intuitive and imaginative creator.